Residential Recycling (scroll down for more information)

Weekly residential recycling pickup for only $15 per month or $150 for an entire year!


Commercial Recycling (scroll down for more information)

Weekly commercial recycling pickup starting at $20 per month


Residential Recycling

All you have to do is place the bin at the curb by 8am on your collection day. If you have large cardboard, flatten it and place it under the bin. If you have more than will fit in the bin, bag it, and place it next to the bin. It’s that easy! We take care of the rest!

  • Paperboard and Corrugated Cardboard: Corrugated boxes and boxes like cereal boxes, egg cartons (not Styrofoam), greeting cards, manila folders, mailing tubes, wrapping/tissue paper, etc. For all boxes, please ensure the contents are removed (Styrofoam, plastic, etc.). Flatten and cut/fold down to under 2 feet; clean pizza boxes only
  • Paper: Non-confidential office paper, junk mail, envelopes, letters, postcards, paper bags, reports, brochures, magazines, catalogs, newspapers with inserts and phone books, shredded paper, etc.
  • Plastic:  #1 or #2 bottles or jugs (remove and discard lids). No containers!
  • Aluminum Cans: Typically beverage cans
  • Tin/Steel Cans: Any vegetable or fruit can

Commercial Recycling

  • Commercial, indoor recycling (office settings) – Customer provides the collection container of their choosing. KEG will empty the collection container on a weekly basis starting at $20 per month.
  • Commercial, outdoor recycling – Customer collects cardboard and places it outside so that DocuGUARD can collect it on a weekly basis for only $15 per month.


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