Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


Why recycle?

Recycling means many things to Oklahomans. Beyond resource conservation and managing solid waste, recycling creates jobs in Oklahoma. Recent studies show that there are more than 5,000 jobs in Oklahoma created from recycling related processes. These jobs represent over 300 million dollars in payroll each year. Recycling is good for the Earth AND good for the economy of Oklahoma.

Do I need to sort the materials?

Though you are welcome to do so, it is not required.

Why is there a charge for recycling?

Everything has a cost. For recycling, there is a cost for insurance, vehicles, fuel, labor, and transportation. Collecting, sorting, baling, and transporting requires a lot of resources. Though recycling some materials brings a rebate, it is not enough. Someone has to pay the bill. The consumer pays the bill in this model.

Commercial & Residential Recycling Services